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Affordable web hosting in San Jose and San Francisco

UIS Technology Partners can host your website and email Exchange services

Why choose UIS Technology Partners?

  • Top Quality Hardware - Our server data centers use state of the art technology to provide a guaranteed up-time of over 99.97%.
  • Seamless Transfer Service - We can migrate your website and email to our server in a matter of minutes. We can do this after hours, so your business will not have even one minute of downtime.
  • Enterprise Level IT Service - Combining your web and Exchange hosting under UIS's enterprise-level infrastructure gives you access to technology and technicians that would otherwise be only available to a large company of 300+ people.
  • Personalized Care- UIS will give your company better service than a massive web-host company, where you are 'one out of a million' because our focus is on small to mid-sized businesses in the Bay Area only.

Contact us today for a no-obligation quote on hosting your website and/or Exchange service.

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