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Cloud Computing and Virtual Servers

Server virtualization and cloud computing are handled with ease by UIS Technology Partners

Would you like to save money? Would you like to not have to worry about whether your your server is going to be able to handle the next couple of years of growth? By switching to a virtual infrastructure program, you will be able to expand as needed and only pay for the amount of server space you need.

How does this actually work?
UIS are experts at server virtualization, which is when a single physical server is divided into several Virtual Servers. Each Virtual Server is completely isolated from the other, so there is no chance of neighbors infringing on each other.

Server virtualization is much more cost effective for most organizations, because most companies purchase much more capacity than they end up using. In fact, most companies have to purchase excess capacity, because you don't want to find out 2 years into a server, that you under-budgeted your needs. It would be simply too expensive to increase capacity every two years. Until now that has forced inefficiencies into most IT budgets. But with a Virtual Server, you can increase your capacity as you need it, keeping your budget in line with your company's growth.

What is Cloud Computing and how does it relate to Virtualization?
Cloud Computing is another term that is often used interchangeably with Virtual Infrastructure, but this really refers more to the process of separating software from hardware. So, instead of everyone in your office having a copy of MS Office on their desktop, with Cloud Computing that software would reside on your server and each desktop would access it remotely with high speed connections.

While most people think of virtual infrastructure as mainly applying to servers, it can also apply to networking, storage and disaster recovery.

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