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Hosted VOIP Solutions

UIS Technology Partners is a leader in providing hosted VOIP technology for businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Low cost  
When it comes to savings, it is hard to beat using a hosted VoIP solution -- also known as a Virtual PBX. When you choose a hosted VoIP system there is no hardware for you to purchase, install or upgrade! All of that cost and technology is supplied by the host.

Low Maintenance
Another great benefit is that the host will also manage all of the maintenance of the phone system as well. As a result, all you generally need to do is add or subtract extensions with a few mouse clicks and your phones are ready for business.

Limitless Expansion
A virtual PBX or Hosted VoIP service will also free you of the constraints that occur when you heavily invest in a piece of hardware. Under the traditional phone system model, you are pretty much stuck with the features that the phone system had when you purchased it. If you wanted to expand your capabilities down the road, you generally would have to invest in new hardware or hardware upgrades. With a hosted solution, most of the features are software driven, allowing for painless upgrades when wanted.

Indredible call tracking features
One of the more exciting features of a Virtual PBX or VoIP is the ability track and report on all incoming and outgoing phone calls. You can access these reports online, from any computer that is connect to the Internet.

Lower costs, limitless expansion, low maintenance and robust tracking make a Hosted VoIP or Virtual PBX system the right choice for many organizations. Let us help you decide what would be best for your company.

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