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IT Security Testing and Protocols - IT Outsourcing San Francisco

UIS Technology Partners offers IT Security Assessments in the Silicon Valley Bay Area

How secure is your network? Do you ever wonder if your company's data and IT assets are properly protected? An IT Support Bay Area UIS Security Assessment can uncover weaknesses in your IT security systems and protect you from future threats.

Our Security Assement will test the robustness of your entire IT system defenses, from both external threats and internal weaknesses. Some of the steps we take include:

  • Server configuation analysis
  • Firewall attack replication
  • VPN assessment
  • Wireless security analysis
  • Microsoft Windows control analysis
  • UNIX environment assessment
  • Network architecture assessment
  • Mobile device security analysis
  • VoIP security anlysis
  • Server room security protocals
  • Denial of service attack simulation

UIS Technology Partners will then provide you with a Vulnerability Diagnosis. This document will outline the weaknesses we discovered in your entire IT universe, the steps we took to correct deficiencies and prioritized recommendations for further actions to be considered.

Once a UIS Security Assessment has been completed, you can rest assured that your systems are strongly defended with a robust set of security protocals.